Why Patch Validation Is Vital – Charles Leaver

Written By Logan Gilbert And Presented By Charles Leaver   Intro A current report shows almost twenty thousand new software vulnerabilities were discovered in 2017 – an all-time record. Consider that for a second. That’s an average of fifty five brand-new vulnerabilities each day. That’s a lot for any IT shop to manage. Now there’s… Read More »

The Effect Of GDPR On Cyber Security Monitoring – Charles Leaver

Written By Dr Al Hartmann And Presented By Charles Leaver   Robust enterprise cybersecurity naturally consists of monitoring of network, end point, application, database, and user activity to avoid, detect, and respond to cyber dangers that could breach personal privacy of enterprise staff, partners, suppliers, or clients. In cyberspace, any obstructions to your view end… Read More »

Why You Should Use Network Whitelisting – Charles Leaver

Written By Roark Pollock And Presented By Charles Leaver   Introduction As with any kind of security, the world of IT security is concerned with developing and implementing a set of allow/disallow guidelines – or more officially entitled, security policies. And, simply stated, allow/disallow guidelines can be revealed as a ‘whitelist’ or a ‘blacklist’. Back… Read More »

A Look Inside Windows Defender ATP And Its Great Hunting Power – Charles Leaver

Written By Josh Harrimen And Presented By Charles Leaver   Following on from our recent collaboration announcement with Microsoft, our Ziften Security Research team has begun leveraging an extremely fantastic element of the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (Windows Defender ATP) Security Center platform. The Advanced Hunting feature lets users run inquiries in line with… Read More »