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By | November 4, 2016

Written By Charles Leaver CEO Ziften


What Worries Enterprise CISOs When Migrating To The Cloud

Moving to the cloud provides a variety of benefits to enterprise organizations, but there are real security issues that make switching over to a cloud environment uneasy. What CISOs desire when migrating to the cloud is continuous insight into that cloud environment. They require a method to monitor and determine threat and the self-confidence that they have the appropriate security controls in place.

Increased Security Risk

Migration to the cloud suggests using managed IT services and lots of people think this suggests relinquishing a high level of visibility and control. Although the top cloud suppliers utilize the latest security technology and file encryption, even the most current systems can fail and expose your delicate data to the world.

In reality, cloud environments are subject to comparable cyber risks as private enterprise data centers. Nevertheless, the cloud is becoming a more attractive target due to the significant amount of data that has been saved on servers in the cloud.

Cyber attackers understand that business are slowly migrating to the cloud, and they are currently targeting cloud environments. Alert Logic, a security as a service provider, published a report that concluded that those who make IT decisions should not presume that their data that is stored off premise is more difficult for cyber bad guys to get.

The research report went on to state that there had actually been a 45% boost in application attacks against deployments in the cloud. There had actually likewise been an increase in attack frequency on organizations that save their infrastructure in the cloud.

The Cloud Is a Jackpot

With the shifting of important data, production workloads, and software applications to cloud environments these discoveries should not come as a surprise. A declaration from the report said, “… cyber attackers, like everyone else, have a minimal amount of time to finish their task. They want to invest their time and resources into attacks that will bear the most fruit: companies utilizing cloud environments are mostly considered that fruit bearing jackpot.”

The report also suggests that there is a mistaken belief within organizations about security. A variety of organization decision makers were under the impression that once a cloud migration had actually taken place then the cloud service provider would be completely accountable for the security of their data.

Security in The Cloud Has to Be A Shared Duty

All companies should take responsibility for the security of their data whether it is hosted on site or in the cloud. This duty can not be totally relinquished to a cloud business. If your business experiences a data breach while utilizing cloud management services, it is unlikely that you would be able to evade obligation.

It is vital that every business fully comprehends the environment and the dangers that are connected with cloud management. There can be a myriad of legal, financial, commercial, and compliance risks. Prior to migrating to the cloud make certain to inspect agreements so that the supplier’s liability is totally understood if a data breach were to take place.

Vice president of Alert Logic Will Semple said, “the secret to safeguarding your critical data is being knowledgeable about how and where along the ‘cyber kill chain’ cyber attackers penetrate systems and to use the best security tools, practices and resource investment to combat them.”

Cloud Visibility Is Critical

Whether you are utilizing cloud management services or are hosting your own infrastructure, you require complete visibility within your environment. If you are considering the migration of part – or all – of your environment to the cloud then this is vital.

After a cloud migration has happened you can count on this visibility to monitor each user, device, application, and network activity for prospective risks and possible dangers. Therefore, the administration of your infrastructure ends up being a lot more effective.

Don’t let your cloud migration result in weakened security and insufficient compliance. Ziften can assist preserve cloud visibility and security for your existing cloud implementations, or planned cloud migrations.

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