Generic Will Not Fit So Choose Extensible – Charles Leaver

By | August 30, 2017

Written By Charles Leaver Ziften CEO


Whether you call them extensions, or call them personalizations – no matter what they are called, the best technology platforms can be tailored to fit an organization’s specific business requirements. Generic operations tools are great at performing generic operations jobs. Generic security tools are great at dealing with generic security challenges. Generic can just take you so far, though, which’s where extensibility takes over.

Extensibility turns up often when I’m speaking to customers and potential customers, and I’m proud that a Global 10 company selected Ziften over everyone else in the market mainly on that basis. For that client, and numerous others, the capability to deeply tailor platforms is a need.

This isn’t really about merely creating custom-made reports or custom-made notifications. Let’s be truthful – the ability to develop reports are baseline ability of many IT operations and security management tools. Real extensibility goes deep into the service to offer it abilities that resolve real problems for the company.

One client used lots of mobile IoT devices, and had to have our Zenith real time visibility and control system have the ability to access (and monitor) the memory of those devices. That’s not a standard function used by Zenith, due to the fact that our low-footprint agent does not hook into the operating system kernel or work through basic device drivers. Nevertheless, we dealt with the customer to personalize Zenith with that ability – and it ended up being simpler than anybody imagined.

Another customer looked at the basic set of end point data that the agent collects, and wanted to add additional data fields. They likewise wished to setup the administrative console with custom-made actions utilizing those data fields, and press those actions back out to those end points. No other endpoint tracking and security option was able to offer the function for adding that functionality besides Ziften.

What’s more, the client established those extensions themselves … and owns the code and IP. It becomes part of their own secret sauce, their own company differentiator, and distinct to their company. They could not be any more happy. And neither could we.

With many other IT operations and security systems, if clients desire additional functions or capabilities, the only option is to submit that as a future feature demand, and hope that it appears in an upcoming release of the solution. Until then, regrettable.

That’s not how we developed our flagship solutions, Zenith and ZFlow. Due to the fact that our endpoint agent isn’t based on kernel hooks or device drivers, we can allow for significant extensibility, and open up that extensibility for clients to access directly.

Likewise, with our administrative consoles and back-end tracking systems; everything is adjustable. And that was integrated in right from the beginning.

Another aspect of customization is that our real time and historic visibility database can integrate into your other IT operations and security platforms, such as SIEM tools, risk intelligence, IT ticketing system, task orchestration systems, and data analytics. With Zenith and ZFlow, there are no more silos. Ever.

In the world of endpoint tracking and management, extensions are significantly where it’s at. IT operations and enterprise security groups need the capability to tailor their tools platforms to fit their specific requirements for tracking and handling IoT, conventional endpoints, the data center, and the cloud. In numerous client discussions, our integrated extensibility has actually caused eyes to light up, and won us trials and implementations. Inform us about your custom requirements, and let’s see what we can do.

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