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By | October 6, 2017

Written By Josh Harriman And Presented By Charles Leaver

Having the right tools in place is a given in our market. However having the right tools and services is one thing. Getting the most value out of them can be a difficulty. Even with all the best intents and properly skilled personnel, there can be gaps. Ziften Services can help fill those spaces and keep you on track for success.
Ziften Services can augment, or even straight-out lead your IT Operations and Security groups to much better arm your company with 3 excellent offerings. Every one is customized for a particular requirement and given the statistics from a recent report by ESG (Enterprise Strategy Group) entitled “Trends in Endpoint Security Research Study”, which mentioned 51% of responders in the study said they will be deploying and using an EDR (endpoint detection and response) option now and 35% of them prepare to utilize managed services for the implementation, shows the requirement is out there for correct services around these products and solutions. Therefore, Ziften is offering our services understanding that many companies do not have the scale or proficiency to execute and totally make use of required tools such as EDR.
Ziften services are as follows:
Ziften Assess Service
Ziften Hunt Service
Ziften Respond Service
While each of the 3 services cover a distinct function, the latter two are more complementary to each other. Let’s look at each in a little bit more detail to much better understand the benefits.
Assess Service
This service covers both IT functional and security groups. To determine your success in proper documents and adherence of processes and policies, you need to begin with a good solid baseline. The Assess services begin by carrying out extensive interviews with key decision makers to truly comprehend exactly what is in place. From there, a Ziften Zenith release provides tracking and data collection of key metrics within customer device networks, data centers and cloud deployments. The reporting covers asset management and performance, licensing, vulnerabilities, compliance as well as anomalous behaviors. The result can cover a range of concerns such as M&An evaluations, pre-cloud migration planning and periodic compliance checks.
Hunt Service
This service is a true 24 × 7 managed endpoint detection and response (MDR) offering. Organizations struggle to fully cover this essential aspect to security operations. That could be because of limited personnel or crucial know-how in risk hunting methods. Again, utilizing the Ziften Zenith platform, this service utilizes continuous monitoring throughout client devices, servers, cloud VMs supporting Windows, Mac OSX and Linux operating systems. Among the primary results of this service is dramatically reducing threat dwell times within the environment. This has been discussed frequently in the past few years and the numbers are shocking, generally in the order of 100s of days that risks stay covert within companies. You require someone that can actively hunt for these foes as well as can retrospectively look back to past occasions to find behaviors you were not aware of. This service does provide some hours of dedicated Incident Response as well, so you have all your bases covered.
Respond Service
When you are against the ropes and have a true emergency, this service is what you require. This is a tried and true IR team prepared for battle 24 × 7 with a broad series of response tool sets at their disposal. You will get instant event examination and triage. Suggested actions align with the severity of the danger and what response actions have to take place. The groups are really versatile and will work from another location or if required, can be on site where conditions require. This could be your whole IR team, or will enhance and mix right in with your existing group.
At the end of the day, you need services to help optimize your possibilities of success in today’s world. Ziften has 3 fantastic offerings and wants all our customers to feel protected and lined up with the best operational and security posture available. Please connect to us so we can help you. It’s exactly what we love to do!

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