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By | September 17, 2015

Written By David Shefter And Presented By Ziften CEO Charles Leaver

I was viewing television in August, 2015 and I had a call from a 347 area code telephone number. I believed that it was a business associate of mine who resides in the outer districts, so I answer the call.

The call was a total surprise, “Roy Callahan from the New York City Police Department” threatens me with a warrant for my arrest within minutes, and specifies that I have to turn myself into the regional police department. So, I spoke with my buddy Josh Linder. He says that it’s rampant in the region where he lives and likewise happened to him, but they threatened him if he didn’t comply by acquiring a $9000 Green Dot pre-paid card.

If You Believe This Sounds Embellished …

This happens countless times every day. Law enforcement agencies (LEA’s) ranging from local municipalities to the FBI, and everything between are overwhelmed. They can’t compete – poor actors are quick, clever, and ahead of the curve.

These lawbreakers likewise understand how budget, talent and resource constrained the LEA’s are. The local ones are best at catching thieves and pulling over speeding vehicles, not tracking terrorists to their origin across federal or state borders. With little coordination or interest and an absence of tools, over 99% of these frauds go unsolved.

How Did They Discover Me?

Initially, social networking has actually created a gold mine of details. People trust their name, address, phone number, work history, educational background, and social circles to the public domain. This is where the threat lies, not the much publicized hacks at federal government agencies, banks, healthcare organizations and retailers.

However, the big exposures at merchants like Home Depot, Target and Michael’s along with the more recent hacks at the United States Office of Personal Management (OPM), United Airlines and Anthem must be of tremendous concern. This info enables wrongdoers the capability to triangulate data, and construct an abundant persona of people like you and me.

Putting this into context, tens of millions of records were exposed, which could be used to go far beyond extortion payments, and move towards the exploit physical susceptibilities in military personnel, executives and even normal people.

How Rapidly Will I Be Exposed?

According to a 2014 FBI rip-off alert, victims reported having money illegally withdrawn from their accounts within ten minutes of getting a vishing call, and another of having hundreds or thousands of fraudulent withdrawals in the days following.

What Can I Do About It?

As an individual, it is best to be alert and utilize common sense. No matter what a “vishing” caller ID says, the U.S. IRS will not require cash or account numbers. Do not fall victim to Vishing’s wicked cousin Phishing and click links in emails which might take you to a malware site – invest an extra 2 seconds confirming that the email is actually who it is from, not simply a familiar name.

Second, it’s best to protect your social profiles online. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the trove of other tools have probably currently exposed you. Perform an easy Google search, then move to tidy up the public aspects of your online persona.

Third, imitate a business to protect your employees as if they were your relatives. Big organizations have invested greatly in antivirus, drive encryption, email security, and next generation firewall software. None of this matters – phishing and vishing frauds go right around these. You need training, continuous education, caution, and technology which is smarter. A crucial technique to this is executing continuous endpoint visibility on your devices. At Ziften, our software application plugs security gaps to form a more durable wall.

The battle for cyber security protection is consuming your resources, from your individuals to your budget plan. Threats are faster, smarter, and more focused than before, and working their way around conventional avoidance services and getting straight to the point; your endpoints. As soon you have been breached you have less than an hour before the cyber attack discovers additional victims within your organization. Time is of the essence, and because we cannot develop more of that, we focus on maximizing continuous intelligence so your group can make the right choice, right now.

In Closing

Today, individuals are so concentrated on deceitful credit card charges, and organizations are locking down endpoints at a record pace.

More has to be done. The crooks are quicker, more intelligent, more enabled – and outside the bounds of the authorities. While news will always arrive regarding the success of capturing massive fraudsters and untouchable foreign nationals in China and Russia, there will be thousands of small exploits every day.

At Ziften, we have one objective, to make endpoint security quick and easy for the end user to not only deploy, however manage and drive daily worth. By integrating real-time user, device, and behavior monitoring with effective analytics and reporting, Ziften immediately empowers any organization to see, inspect, and react to the very latest attacks.

My thanks to Josh Linder for his discussions on this topic.


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