Endpoint Security Through A Lightweight Approach Is The Best Solution – Charles Leaver

By | January 29, 2015

Charles Leaver Ziften CEO Presents A Post By David Shefter CTO

If you are a company with 5000 or more employees, it is likely that your IT Security and Operations groups are overwhelmed with the degree of data they need to crawl through for just a small percentage of visibility about what their users are doing on a recurring basis. Antivirus suites have been installed and they have actually shut down USB ports and even enforced user access constraints, but the risk of cyber attacks and malware invasions still remains. What action do you take?

As much as 72% of advance malware and cyber criminal intrusions happen in the endpoint environment, so states a Verizon Data Breach Report. Your company needs to ask itself how crucial its credibility is first. If you take Target as an example, it cost them over $ 6 Billion in market cap loss due to a malware attack. Unfortunately the modern world places us constantly under attack from unhappy or rogue staff members, anarchists and other cyber criminals. This circumstance is only likely to get worse.

Your network is secured by firewall software etc but you are not able to see exactly what is occurring past the network switch port. The only real way to resolve this danger is by enacting a solution that works with and compliments present network based solutions that are in place. Ziften (which is Dutch for “To Sift”) can provide this solution which supplies “Open Visibility” with a light-weight technique. You need to handle the entire environment that includes servers, the network, desktops and so on. But you do not wish to add additional overheads and tension on your network. A substantial Ziften commitment is that the solution will not have an adverse effect on your environment, however it will supply a deeply impactful visibility and security solution.

The revolutionary software from Ziften completely comprehends machine behavior and problems, enabling experts to focus on advanced dangers quicker to reduce dwell time to a minimum. Ziften’s solution will continually monitor activity at the endpoint, resource usage, IP connections, user interactions etc. With the Ziften solution your company will have the ability to figure out faster the origin of any infiltration and repair the problem.

It is a lightweight solution that is not kernel or driver based, very little memory usage, there is little to no overhead at the system level and almost zero network traffic.

For driver and kernel based solutions there are extreme accreditation requirements that can take longer than 9 months. By the time the new software is developed and baked, the OS could be at the next version of release. This is a time consuming, non-supportable and troublesome process.

The Ziften approach is a genuine differentiator in the market. The execution of a very light weight and non intrusive agent and also implementing this as a system service, it gets rid of the tensions that a lot of new software application solutions present at the endpoint. Ease of execution leads to faster times to market, simple support, scalability, and uncomplicated solutions that do not impede the user environment.

To summarize, with the current level of cyber risks and the threats of a cyber attack increasing daily that can significantly tarnish your reputation, you need to implement continuous monitoring of all your endpoint gadgets 24/7 to make sure that you have clear visibility of any endpoint security risks, gaps, or instabilities and Ziften can provide this to you.


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