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By | November 10, 2017

Written By David Shefter And Presented By Charles Leaver


Recently we announced a partnership with Microsoft that combines Ziften’s Zenith ® systems and security operations platform, and Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) providing a cloud based, “single pane of glass” to identify, see, investigate, and respond to sophisticated cyber-attacks and breaches on Windows, macOS, and Linux-based devices (desktops, laptop computers, servers, cloud, etc).

Windows Defender ATP plus Ziften Zenith is a security service that makes it possible for enterprise clients to identify, investigate, respond and fix innovative risks on their networks, off-network, and in the data center and cloud.

Imagine a single option throughout all the devices in your business, providing scalable, state of the art security in an economical and easy to use platform. Enabling business throughout the world to protect and manage devices through this ‘single pane of glass’ delivers the guarantee of lower operational costs with real improved security providing real time international risk security with details collected from billions of devices worldwide.

Microsoft and Ziften Architecture

The diagram below provides an overview of the service elements and integration between Windows Defender ATP and Ziften Zenith.

Endpoint examination abilities allow you to drill down into security signals and comprehend the scope and nature of a prospective breach. You can submit files for deep analysis, receive the results and take action without leaving the Windows Defender ATP console.

Detect and Contain Risks

With the Windows Defender ATP and Ziften Zenith integration, organizations can easily find and contain threats on Windows, macOS, and Linux systems from a single console. Windows Defender ATP and Ziften Zenith provide:

Based on behavior, cloud-powered, innovative attack detection. Find the attacks that make it past your other defenses (after a breach has been detected).

Rich timeline for forensic examination and mitigation. Quickly investigate the scope of any breach or presumed habits on any machine through a rich, 6-month device timeline.

Built in special threat intelligence knowledge base. Risk intelligence to quickly spot attacks based on monitoring and data from hordes of devices.

The diagram below shows many of the macOS and Linux danger detection and response abilities now available with Windows Defender ATP.

In conclusion, if you’re wanting to secure your endpoints and infrastructure, you need to take a tough look at Windows Defender ATP and Ziften Zenith.

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